STORY 13 – The Way Things Have Changed

Rou and his friend guided Eisen and Rinne to the biggest inn in the main street of the Trading City. As soon as they entered the inn, they were shown immediately to a room on the upper floor.

「You are free to use this room. We will see you later at dinner.」

「See you later, Eisen-sama and Rinne-sama.」

Rou and David said as they finished showing them around and left the room. The two then stayed inside their room and looked around for a bit.

「This room is quite spacious. Even with the two of us using it, it’s still spacious.」

「Yeah, there’s more than one bed and there’s even a bath! It’s such a nice place!」

The room prepared for them was apparently spacious despite the two of them using it. He was grateful for the help but―

‘I wonder if their company makes a lot of money since those two to be able to promptly prepare such an expensive room.’

Eisen didn’t have time to ask them about their company because they met each other just as quick as they have arrived in the city. Rou was a merchant, so David must also be a merchant.

‘It might be a good idea to talk to them about it during dinner.

「As I have recalled, the dinner was set 2 hours later.」

「Yes. We’ll dine at the big restaurant in front of the inn. They said they would come to fetch us at the entrance of the inn.」

Once they have entered the inn, Rou pointed to a nearby restaurant with a logo of a cat on its signboard to tell them which restaurant. He knows where to meet them and memorized the time so there’s no problem.

「Well, I’m not tired. Shall we go take a walk?」


After leaving their bags in the room, they decided to take a quick stroll around the Trading City as we planned.

There were standing towers located in several places in the Trading City. They were used as watchtowers during the war with the Evil god. They asked the receptionist at the inn and heard that the towers are now open to the public and has an observation deck so the two decided to visit it first.

「Wah, the mixed fruit juice which the Trading City is famous for is delicious, Master!」

「It is. We’re in for a good start to find something this delicious.」

Just like that, Eisen and Rinne went around leisurely, buying drinks in some shop on the main street on their way and strolling down the streets. They walked at a slow pace since the tower wasn’t that far that they soon arrived there. They climbed the tower and reach the place where they could get to see the whole view of the city.

「Wow, you can see the whole town from here.」


Rinne was happy to see the city. Seeing her and the city around her made Eisen notice the something. The Trading City turned out to be a lot bigger than how it used to be.

「What? Is that true?」

「Yeah, the streets are getting better and it has doubled its size than it initially was… After all, this watchtower used to be nearby the outskirts of the town.」

The old Trading City was a circular, small sized town. This tower which was once at the outskirts of a town now incorporated into the city. The area outside the tower was just a field in the part. Eisen was surprised to see how much the city expanded in ten years. [1]

「The speed of the city’s development is amazing.」

「Come to think of it, when you looked at the map in the inn earlier, you had an ‘oh’ expression on your face.」

「Ah, that’s because the Trading City which used to be a circular small sized town turned into a circle widely spread out.」

‘I expected something when I looked into the map but its far different from seeing it with my own eyes.’

「Rou and the other were also talking about preparing the outskirts of the area for commercial use and as residential settlement.」

On the way to the inn, Eisen briefly asked about the Trading City, and the city apparently continues to expand.

「For now, let’s go down and stroll at a different location.」

「Ah, I will accompany you.!」

TL: 3/5 Update:

  1. Circular Cities – pretty explanatory, cities with circular design. There were several ancient cities design like this such as Mesopotamia and Persia.

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